Oh hey!

Hello bloggy world, my name is Anna and I share a cube with Jillian. I am the other ½ of this blog so there is at least a 50/50 chance you will enjoy reading.
Oops, that was from 80’s night. Too much?
Here’s me in The Cube:
Here are some facts about me:
  1. I am 25 and live in SF.
  2. I live by the Giants stadium, GO GIANTS (sorry Jillian).
  3. I am married to Robert.
  4. I have a stupid cat named Kenya who is insane.
  1. I really like wine, like a lot.
  2. I’d rather have a French Bulldog or a Golden Retriever (..Robert??).
  3. I like to eat healthy.

Here are a few dinners I have made recently. Oh, and I totally suck at taking pictures, so it’s likely that mine will beshittyiPhone pics and Jillian’s will be amazing. Don’t worry about it.

Kale Turkey Meatballs

Kale Chicken Salad
Veggie Bake(just throw it all in a pan and baked it for 35 minutes)
OH! and here is our humble abode: The Cube. Jillian’s on the left and I am one the right. We won first place!

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  1. How about that, you kicked it international already, with your first post!

    Please keep me updated through Twitter to read the Cube Chronicles as i will gladly test their international generalizability.

    Greetings from Holland and keep up the good work..

    O before i forget, 35 minutes is way way too long 🙂 i like to chew my food..

  2. Robert and Anna

    All this scrumpshish food is in my beller now and it truly thanks anna for creating it. Love the blog ladies.


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