9 Tips for Staying Healthy Trapped in a Cubicle

1.      Buy a lunch bag/box, and bring reusable silverware. It’s more environmentally friendly than paper or plastic bags everyday and I like having all my stuff in one place. Plus, if your office is anything like ours there are scavengers that grab anything not tied down in the kitchen or have a name on it.  Back away from my string cheese yo! 
Yes that’s a skull in the background. I still have decorations from Anna’s photo below sitting in my cube. Beware of the bones.

2.   Eat breakfast! For all of those readers that didn’t listen to your parents that breakfast was the most important meal of the day; IT IS. Either eat it before you come to work or bring it with you. It will make that box of donuts or bagels on Bagel Friday much easier to avoid.  Here are a few easy things to bring to work:

a.        Instant Oatmeal – those little packets fit perfectly in mugs and all you need is hot water, which most water machines have.
b.      Whole wheat toast with nut butter – If you’re like me don’t bring the whole jar because you’ll end up grabbing spoon and devouring the ENTIRE container. Lots of nut butters come in nifty little single serving packages that you can easily slip in your lunch bag. (PB&Co, Justin’s, etc.)
c.       Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt is SO easy to transport and you can mix just about anything in it. Throw some fruit in, some cereal, granola or anything you desire. Easy and nutritious meal that will keep you full till lunch.
d.      Boiled eggs. Yeah they may stink (invest in some air freshener) but they are VERY filling and nutritious breakfast that is easy to transport and  you can make the night before and throw in your bag.
2.       Avoid the kitchen like the plague (not really, but still). If you can’t pass up a free snack or might be tempted by the mound of left over pizza from a meeting, avoid the kitchen except to grab your lunchbox or fill your water bottle. Many people place leftovers in the kitchen and it’s a free for all (is that every office or just ours?). If you know you might be tempted don’t put yourself in temptations way.
3.      Get up and move. Walk around every hour or so. Even if you are just walking to the bathroom or to grab water you are breaking up the time and moving. Both of which can save not only your waistline but your sanity as well.
4.      Pack your lunch. Not only will this save you money it will save you inhaling a #2 from McDonalds or scarfing down a giant sandwich from the local deli. If you have to take a lunch with a client or co-worker be smart with your choices. I ALWAYS try to look up the menu beforehand so I have an idea of things I could potentially order before I’m sitting with the 10 million pages of bad choices taunting me on the menu. Eat half of what they serve and box up the leftovers, choose a fruit or veggie or fruit over fries, and order water instead of soda.
If it’s a pot luck or buffet style lunch fill your plate with fruits and veggies (at least half) and go sparingly on the other items. Think about your choices and stick to it and you should be fine.
5.      Pack snacks but don’t fill a drawer with them. This may not be everyone but if there are snacks in my ‘morale’ drawer then I will eat them. Plain and simple. I pack only what I’ll eat for the day in my lunch box including snacks. Fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, string cheese and a variety of other healthy snacks find their way into my lunch box each day. My body generally thanks me as I hear others around me munch away on bags of chips, fried foods and guzzle gallons of sugary drinks. My carrots and hummus are just as tasty, crunchy and MUCH better for me.


 String cheese. Yum.

6.       Invest in a water bottle (or 5).  I have an obsession with water bottles so I have like 10, but I digress. The smaller ones work great because each time its empty you can do #3 and go fill it. Drink lots of water. I rarely drink anything besides water on a daily basis minus my morning coffee/tea. It’s done wonders to make me feel better than when I use to guzzle diet soda like it was going out of business.

7.   Sleep! I love me some sleep. I can barely function on 6 or less. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep prior to going into work. Sleep helps your body replenish and aids in avoiding that sluggish, tiered feeling that can have an adverse affect on your healthy eating.
8.       Try and have at least one laugh a day. Over here Anna and laugh all day by sending funny links over Gchat or chuckling at truly ridiculous e-mail we get. Laughter is not only good for the soul but it burns calories. Whowouldhavethunkit? Whether you laugh with a co-worker, or read a funny e-mail try to find time to laugh or smile. Enjoying work is not bad.
9.       Be a little naughty sometimes. If there is are cupcakes for some kind of celebration, HAVE ONE! Give in every once in a while. You only live once, it’s ok to be bad sometimes just do it in moderation. If there are free cupcakes have 1 not 5 or split one with a neighbor. Live, laugh and enjoy that cupcake!
See no snacks hiding in here.  

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