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So if you haven’t figured out yet I’m pretty lazy when it comes to certain things. I don’t like recipies with too many ingredients or steps, I HATE grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom makes me cringe in a corner and many more examples.

So when I broke down and bought an iPhone almost a year ago I thought what apps will be useful to me that I can carry around 24/7 and make my life easier. So below you’ll find some apps I find useful and help in my laziness.

This helps me track calories, exercise, water intake, etc. It eliminates me writing everything down, which one saves trees and two saves me having to look at every package. It has never not had what I had eaten already in the database. I simply search and enter how much I ate  and BAM it shows up (calories, protein, carbs, etc). It’s pretty much the best thing ever. It gives you graphs, progress reports, etc. I know there are other ones but this one is free and does the job. (This can also be found online – Myfitnesspal)

I use this one mostly to decide between things. I’m indecisive and this helps me make the decision between two brand quickly and painlessly. You simply scan the bar code and it will give it a letter grade and a write up about what’s good (and bad) about the food product. I try to always go with the higher grade item unless of course it’s one of my vices. You know that frozen yogurt that is like a C on the grade scale. It goes right in my cart. Oops.

Restaurant Nutrition
This is helpful if you eat out often or not so often. It has many regional and national chain restaurants and lists the nutritional information for just about everything on their menu. It’s really helpful when I’m having a hard time deciding or want to be ‘good’ at a not so good for me restaurant that The Boyfriend has dragged me to.

Nike Training Club
This app allows you to choose workouts based on 4 principles; get lean, get toned, get strong and get focused. Once I decide which I want to do I can then choose beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts. Most workouts are at least a half hour long if not longer. It’s got great pictures of the moves and animations of what to do and bonus: it’s actual people doing the workouts. You don’t have to stare at creepy cartoon characters.
Workout Trainer (free and $ version) 
Since I hate paying for apps I use the free version of this which in my opinion has more than enough options to use. It’s filled with workouts broken into many categories (running, cardio, weights, etc.) and has workouts that last 4 minutes to ones that last well over an hour. It’s really helpful on days I can’t get in a grove or figure out what to do. There is a voice that talks me through each of the timed moves and even has some motivating words for me as well. Side note – the voices are kind of creepy sounding and it’s cartoony and not real people.

C2 5k
I’m not a runner, never have been and sometimes I doubt I ever will be. The couch 2 5k program and app have been great. It lays it out for me exactly how long I should run, how far I should aim for, etc. It’s really motivated and helped me get into running. It starts you slowly doing run, walk intervals and slowly builds up endurance which is great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start running and keep track of it effortlessly.

All Recipes
This app is a life saver when I need an idea for dinner. You might find me aimlessly wandering grocery store isles in pre iPhone days. Now I can use the spinner selecting what kind of meal, the kind of ingredients and how long it takes. I can also search and do many other things. It’s so nice to have what seems like an unlimited number of delicious recipes at my disposal. It’s also nice I don’t have to add yet another cookbook to my already large collection. If you don’t have a smartphone check them out online.

So now that you know all my secret weapons to combat my laziness and wanting everything at my finger tips you can try them out yourself or let me know if you have any that you love that I didn’t mention. I’m all for filling up my phone with more apps if they will make life easier.


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