Food Overload

This weekend was filled with delicious food and lots of it. Good thing I made myself do a 2.5 mile brisk walk on Friday, wake up and go to the gym at 7am Saturday and a little walk down by the Pacifica pier with the Boyfriend on Sunday. Lets not get into why my supposed to be 2.5 mile run turned into a walk…wore the wrong pants and they kept falling down.
Friday I went with two friends to an event called Off the Grid. They do it all over San Francisco and Friday’s was at Fort Mason. Basically it’s gourmet food trucks (about 24) that all join in one place and sell delicious food (at GREAT prices) with live music, beer and lots of company. We were still a little full from gorging on a peanut butter bread straight out of the oven (stay tuned for recipe) but we powered through and decided to try a few things.
This was a sushi kind of thing. Not quite sure. My friend who got them said they were too salty but had a good amount of spice to them (she likes things spicy).
We all decided to give the dumplings a try, because who can pass up dumplings? We got chicken and cilantro (I think) and a veggie one. They were good but my order of three was way too many. I should have got just one so I could have tried more things.
I let the dumplings settle for like 5 minutes before I decided what the heck and got something else. I got a tostada that had mango, salsa, avocado, chicken and some other stuff on it. It was light and had a great taste to it. The sweetness of the mango definitely was interesting with all the other more savory flavors.
My friend got a chicken satay that had peanut sauce on it. I took a nibble and it was GREAT. It had a great flavor, was warm without being too hot and so tender it fell right off the skewer. She also was the only one able to stomach dessert and tried the creme brulee cart (which I’ve heard fantastic things about). She went for the strawberry and nutella one and it smelled divine. I was slightly jealous but I would have had to unbutton the jeans if I had anymore.We went home full and happy. If you’re in SF, look if this is happening during your visit.
After my early gym date Saturday my brother was in town (he’s in the Navy and was visiting) so we decided to go have breakfast with some friends. There is this place down by Fisherman’s wharf that I LOVE. I found it randomly on yelp to take my parent’s to breakfast. It’s so good, very fresh and instead of hash browns you get a heaping pile of fresh fruit. When I say fresh, I mean the freshest fruit I’ve had outside of eating it straight from the tree.
 Look at all that fruit and my egg stuffed croissant. So good. I want some more!

We later went north to visit the Boyfriend and had Mary’s Pizza. I’m kind of obsessed with their bread sticks so I may have had one or two. All in all it was a great weekend that I got to spend with friends and family. Look for a Filipino dish recipe later this week from me. I’m a quarter Filipino so I decided to embrace that last week and make a dish.


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