A New Addiction…

It’s official I may have to seek help. I’m addicted after one try. Oats in a jar are pretty much the best invention since sliced bread (maybe even better than sliced bread). I’ve seen it all over the internet and at first I thought what a dumb idea. Man was I wrong!

Many people know I have an unhealthy obsession love with nut butters (more specifically almond butter and peanut butter) and why I scoffed at this idea I will never know. Call it a momentary lapse in judgement. I had two peanut butter jars running dangerously low; almost to the point where I was sticking my finger in try to scrape the remnants because I refused to say goodbye. PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and Jif All Natural PB were the soon to be dead jars. So I was feeling lazy and the dishwasher was full and me and the roomies were bowless. So I thought what the heck lets try it out.

Please ignore my man hands and crappy iPhone pictures. It’s a miracle I looked up long enough to even consider a picture. 

So while this is no means scientific this is what I did.

  1. Prepared quick oats according to package (I use water just because that’s what I’m use to, but you could use milk and I bet it would be creamier) 
  2. Bid farewell to the PB jar top
  3. In the pan I mixed in about a 1/4 – 1/2 a cup of skim milk, a tsp of brown sugar, and some sliced almonds
  4. Scooped into the PB jar
  5. Took my first bite and never looked back (or up) until that jar was licked clean

There are so many options and ways you could do this. If you want you could soak steel cut oats in milk overnight in the jar and heat up in the AM, add fruit, nuts, and pretty much anything under the sun.

Seriously it was like the sky’s opened up and gave me a sign that I had found true love. Now since I’m like a crack addict in need of my crack I must go stock up on 500 million jars of PB and devour them all in a short period of time so I can have this every morning.

Don’t be like crazy me and scoff at this, I promise try them. Put anything you want on top or inside. The hidden PB goodness will blow your mind.


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