North Beach Festival

I know this is late but work has been consuming me lately. I have a self review and a presentation due in the next week and have been trying to frantically finish them. This past weekend was the North Beach Festival in San Francisco. After living in the Bay Area for 26 years you would think I would have gone at some point. You’re sadly mistaken. But I broke that long, drawn out tradition and actually attended.

It was CROWDED by the time we arrived. We walked around a little and of course our destination was the beer garden. Where else would we go first? 😉

I had a delicious Pear Cider that was pretty much the size of 5 gallon jug. But don’t fret I don’t let things go to waste and finished it. I even beat The Boyfriend who always finishes first.

Next we went in search of some sustanance even though I was a tad stuffed from my adult beverage. They had a Stonyfield booth so I tried a Vanilla Oikos Greek Yogurt, too bad I was too busy sticking my finger in it (because they ran out of spoons) to take a picture of the creamy, delicious goodness.

The boys decided they wanted ‘man food’ and got hot dogs with everything but the sink poured on and some garlic fries that they proceeded to spill all over Columbus street. The girls however fared MUCH better. We went to Molinari Delicatessen where supposedly their salami is famous. Of course I had to try it, with fresh mozzarella of course.My friend got a veggie sandwich that she liked but said could use some avocado for more sustenance.

Delicious! I have no idea what kind of roll I picked because it was a huge container and you grabbed your choice. My sandwich had a basil pesto mixture, delicious salami and mozzarella that evened out all the other intense flavors. It was so good I ate it while walking down the street to Washington Square Park where we were supposed to sit and eat. Unfortunately none of our food made it that far and we just sat in the grass and people watched. Oops.


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