Better Oats Review

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m slightly obsessed with a few food items (oatmeal, nut butters and fro yo) and oatmeal is one of them. In all honesty I eat oatmeal almost daily. It’s my breakfast staple and you can always find 2-3 different varieties in my pantry (Steel Cut Oats and Quick Oats being my favorites).
I found these bad boys at Target for less than $2 dollars, pretty much pocket change. I thought these would be a great thing for desk breakfasts for the working person.

They come in a nice and small box that would be a piece of cake to store in your desk to eat at work. There are 5 one serving packets (perfect for all 5 days of a normal work week) that double as a measuring cup! Yes you heard right. On the package it has a line where you can fill the water to. So no need for a measuring cup. All you need is one of the packets and a bowl or if you really don’t want to bring anything to work, a coffee cup or disposable cup.Pop the water and contents of the package in the microwave for two minutes and BAM, breakfast is served.

You can see it made just about the same amount any store bought instant oatmeal does. It wasn’t soupy and had a nice consistency. Plus the ingredients list and nutrition stuff is pretty decent in comparison to other instant oatmeal I’ve consumed. I like to bulk up my oatmeal so you can see I added chopped up almonds, and a scoop of all natural peanut butter to bulk it up.

All in all I would definitely buy these again and use them for a quick, nutritious and filling breakfast. Will I eat them every morning? Probably not. It would take a whole lot to make me turn my back on Steel Cut Oats or my Quick Oats. But these would be a nice alternative on days I’m lazy busy. And yes that’s my empty bowl. Yummy!


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