The Right Way to Kick Off a Holiday Weekend ….

So since our work is so generous they give us summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We work about an hour longer Monday thru Thursday and are able to leave after 3.5 hours on Friday. Which for me means I’m running out into the beautiful sunshine right around 11:30am on Fridays. I don’t want to rub it in at all but it is a SWEET deal.

This past Friday was also a day The Boyfriend got off early because of the 4th of July holiday. After a ticket from the good old SFPD The Boyfriend needed cheering up. The Boyfriend is a big fan of beer so I knew the place to take him. The Park Chalet.

Cheering up serum in a nice, cold, tasty liquid form.

Lucky for us there was a happy hour from 3-6 with GREAT prices. I’ve been here one time before at night but going during a nice sunny (yes there is sun in SF sometimes) the night visit doesn’t do it justice. Its situated at the end of Golden Gate park right across from Ocean Beach. Inside it’s open, and has a window ceiling which allows it to soak in all the sunshine from outside. What I found really cool too was you could sit outside or even throw a blanket on the grass and they would serve you.

 View when walking out.
View seated inside at our table. 

We decided to try a few things off their happy hour menu. I tried the Pulled Pork sliders that had a cabbage mixture on top that were DELICIOUS. I can’t describe the taste but it was sooooo good. Its also important to note that I don’t normally like cabbage but I devoured it all and there was no looking back. Of course I had to pair these with something on the side so naturally I went with the sweet potato fries. Although I prefer mine a little crispier they had a great flavor and were not greasy tasting at all (I’ve had that experience other places many a time).


Can you see all the seasonings on them. Yum. I didn’t use the dip at all. I think it was ranch.

The Boyfriend of course had a beer or three and enjoyed them thoroughly. If the beer wasn’t enough to make him forget his unfortunate run in with SFPD and those pesky bus lanes then his Garlic fries made him forget. Hands down these were the best garlic fries EVER. Yes, I’m guilty I stole a few. He also wanted to try their pizza which I may or may not have also tasted just to ensure he wouldn’t get sick. 😉

 Best garlic fries, ever.
This was OK. A little too rich for my taste. But I definitely liked the thin crust and crunch of it.

Everything was delicious, the atmosphere was nice, and the view was gorgeous. Plus you can’t beat a place that you can soak in the sun while enjoying a meal. Word to the wise the food is very rich and flavorful so come with your taste buds raring to go and an empty belly and you will not be disappointed.


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  1. Yum! I love this place.

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