Random Eats and beats…

I may or may not have spent one night this weekend in attendance at the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys concert. I will not confirm nor deny. But then again I do have a picture so I guess I’m guilty.

 That’s Nick Carter there on his knees

They performed all together…WOO HOO

Lets just say those 40 year olds busted out the old moves and pelvic thrusted there way around stage making the teenagers adult fans scream. Not to mention Donnie Wahlberg ripped his wife beater off. I’m telling no lies, I promise. It brought me back to middle/high school and don’t hate but I sang along and danced to every song. I’m guilty as charged. But hey it was a fun Saturday night with my BFF.

Here are some recent things I’ve been eating and loving. Clearly coffee is at the top of the list. I’ve been a busy bee lately and while that is no excuse for my lack of blogging I’ve been downing this stuff in mass proportions to make it through the day.

 Coffee is so much better when it’s free…
This nifty salad contraption I found in our cabinet. My roommates dad bought it for her and I decided to test it out since she NEVER uses it. It’s magical. You stuff your salad in, pour your dressing in the lid and close the thing that holds the salad dressing. Presto one container for you salad and dressing. When you’re ready to eat you push the top and bam there is dressing on your salad. I may be stealing using this more often. 

I like yogurt and have been trying to find ones I really like that I could eat everyday. I’ve had little luck lately. But I found one I did like and added a little cereal to it and bam a deliciousness that will be repeated in weeks to come.
You may or may not be able to see my kitchen sink in this salad. I’ve been on a salad rampage lately and have been eating them just about every way possible. I toss everything I have in them and devour them. This one had Trader Joe’s Turkey Meatballs cut up on top. Yum. I kind of want one now. 
That’s it for today folks. I vow to be better and post more often, and start sharing some of my recipes with all of you. I’m in the process of moving too so I’m sure you’ll hear about that fun frustrating adventure.

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