Slackers Anonymous

So you probably noticed the lack of updates lately. Myself and Anna have both been busy with many different things in our life. Work is busy for me right now as we gear up for an annual sales meeting in Las Vegas which I have to present at. Fun times. Oh wait, I hate presenting. I had to take a presentation skills course HR was offering a few weeks ago and walked in and saw the video recorder and almost walked out. I’m glad I stayed though; I feel a little better prepared for my presentations early next month. But I still despise presenting. 
We also recently had a bake sale to raise money for two charities in Las Vegas. We do a charity challenge each year to support two establishments in whatever city we have the sales meeting at. Our bake sale (that myself and Anna worked a lot of) raised almost $500 which will be matched by the company. Look at all the goods and how pretty the table looked. 
In other news, I’ve been in the process of moving.  Since I’ve been packing, moving and unpacking mad woman I haven’t had much time to make any special recipes or fancy dishes. But here are a few things that have been sustaining me.
 It’s the brown ones. The others were sub par as well. 

Did anyone else know they made peanut butter dipped pretzels? I’m addicted to peanut butter and was pleasantly surprised in the bulk section at Andronicos. My surprise and excitement quickly turned to disappointment. They weren’t peanut buttery enough and tasted a little stale. LAME. Maybe I’ll have to try my own twist on these sometime.

Cocoa Roasted 100 Calorie packs of almonds. I love almonds. I think they are a quick, easy and nutritious snack. I like getting these pre-packaged portions because I’m lazy and I don’t want to overdo it because I only have what’s in the package. I’ve been eating the all natural 100 calorie packs from Emerald for months now but finally decided to take the plunge and try these bad boys.
I’m in LOVE. They are just the right balance of sweetness to pick me up in the afternoon typing away on my computer answering emails at work. Seriously I might go buy up the supply of these so I never run out. They are that good. Good thing I have some packed in my lunch today.
If you don’t know I love peanut butter and almond butter. It’s a sick obsession that I won’t admit I have. It’s only a problem when you admit it, right? Lately I’ve fallen back in love with the apples and peanut butter combo. They are so good together and are a great snack to keep my brain and body functioning throughout the day. 
Invest in an apple corer, throw an apple (I prefer Fuji) and a jar of your favorite nut butter in your lunch box and you are set with a delicious snack that will not disappoint.
I hit up the dollar store for cleaning supplies per my friends suggestion for cleaning the new place and old place as I move. She promised I could get brand name, and good quality cleaning products for only $1. I decided to take her advice and let me tell you she was NOT lying. I got 12 items, all brands I recognized (Ajax, Lysol, Dawn, Comet, etc) for only $12! A steal considering I would have paid probably 4 times that at Target for the same items. Look at my loot! 
Something New!
I’m going to introduce something new. I want to hear what you, the readers think. I know you are all full of insight and information so I want to pose questions each day to you. Topics may be health, food or just about anything related.
Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite snack to eat at work or on the go?

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