Pardon my week long absence. I was partying working hard in Vegas for a meeting. I promise it was very uneventful. I presented, met some co-workers (about 1500 of them!), presented some more and slept.  Yes, you read that correctly I attempted to sleep as much as possible in Vegas. I was exhausted the entire week probably because of the terrible food. There were healthier options but the entire week my stomach was upset with the food. I’m not sure if it was cooked properly or what but my tummy was NOT a fan of what this hotel was serving.
I did find a little time for fun and hung out with a few co-workers and may or may not have had a handful of glasses of wine. I also got to have dinner with my aunt and cousin on my last night there since they had just got into town for vacation. Which reminds me; I need a vacation VERY soon.
The trip didn’t feel as long as it really was, I presented without any major snafu, enjoyed my balcony in my room and the warm weather of the desert before venturing back to San Francisco. Despite my extreme dislike of the fog some days I really did miss it. Maybe I missed The Boyfriend more but the fog made me feel right at home.
The Boyfriend was on his best behavior and kept the house ‘somewhat’ clean. He also survived on Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken, beans on toast and a burger he fashioned himself. He knows he missed my cooking. So in celebration of my return home I made fajitas, which I forgot to photograph since I was too busy inhaling real food that didn’t make me sick.
So since I slacked on my fajita taking picture ability, how about a few pictures of some recent eats.

Godiva Dark Sea Salt. OMG. If it was legal I would marry this baby. I don’t even know how to describe the goodness that this is.I still have this bar after nearly 2 weeks. 1 square at a time. It takes ALL my will power not to sit in a corner and shove it all in my mouth creepy style.
While I was checking out the new Terminal 2 in SFO I stumbled upon a delicious lunch and a great treat. A turkey wrap served with salad and Anna’s favorite dressing (Newman’s). I ate half of it for later and of course to have room for Pink Berry. I’ve never had Pink Berry!

I opted for the smallest salted caramel they had with some cookie crumbles on top.  If you remember my trip to southern California LINK! You’ll know I had a deep love of Yougurtland. Pink Berry isn’t even in the same league. It was WAY too sweet and the consistency was a little off. Sorry Pink Berry fans, I’m sticking with my wrap and my Yogurtland love.

And for my one night off I was uber lazy and opted to spend time in my bed and watch a marathon of The Millionaire Matchmaker and order room service. Don’t judge. This meh meal was a whopping $55 from room service. Definitely, not worth that much but it kept my tummy from hating me as I watched Patty lay the smack down on people. 


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