Baseball with a Side of Breakfast

This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend with only 2 things on the agenda. The Boyfriend had to drag me to Petaluma (I kid, I kid) and we had tickets for an A’s game on Saturday night, complete with fireworks.

Whenever I go to Petaluma it’s pretty much a requirement that I go to my favorite place, The Tea Room Cafe.
It’s a small cafe in the downtown area. It’s got a unique charm about it and is always full of people waiting to get their delicious meals and coffee. I’ve only ever come for breakfast so I can’t comment on the sandwiches but if they are up to par with breakfast then they are sure to be GREAT! Bonus points they have a great selection of gluten free options and you can sub toast with fresh fruit. I could never do that since I love their walnut toast almost enough to give up my arm or leg. 

I’m a coffee addict drinker. I usually have one cup a day with just a little half and half. I splurged and got a non-fat latte because they are SO good and two they are the size of my head. Worth every penny. For my breakfast I got scrambled eggs, red potatoes, and because I was being bad I got the walnut toast with their homemade jam instead of fruit. I have no regrets. I ate a banana later to repent for my deliciously bad choices. 😉 

 Where did the fruit go? It never came to the party.
I’ve tried a variety of things here over my numerous visits, including the veggie pesto scramble (OMG, so good minus the onions), pancakes (a little too sweet for me but still were fluffy delicious perfection) and gluten free lemon cranberry scone (can I have another?). I don’t think you can go wrong. Maybe I’m biased but if you are in the area I say you should definitely give it a shot. 
After a great breakfast, some free laundry at The Boyfriend’s parent’s house we headed back to SF just in time to make some sandwiches and snacks before heading to the A’s game. I’m a huge A’s fan and like baseball in general. I don’t usually eat at the ball parks because my tummy has a vendetta against anything too greasy. Unless I have a big craving I usually bring my own food.
I conned The Boyfriend into doing the same. He’s a boy and would have been happy with a beer and hot dog. But since he’s trying to be healthier he agreed. We made turkey sandwiches with all the fixings we could pull out of our fridge, well I did anyway. His had turkey and cheese, that’s it. Mine had turkey, fresh mozzarella, little avocado, spinach, cucumber and a few sliced black olives. It was delicious and made the handful of these bad boys not seem so bad. 

I may be blurry but that doesn’t mean I’m not good…
Go scoop these up at Trader Joe’s. They were only .99 cents. Clearly I couldn’t not buy them; I think it would have been a crime! Trader Joe’s always finds a way to torture me. First chocolate covered PB pretzels and now these. Why do they tempt me so!?! 
Today it’s back to work and some PB puffins for breakfast (not pictured), a big old spinach salad and some new to me mini chicken and cilantro won-tons from TJ’s. They were quite tasty and 8 of them are only 100 calories, practically a steal!

Now I’m off to get back to work before I head to the gym for some Total Body Sculpting Class at the gym later this evening. Happy Monday All!

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  1. It's so nice to see another San Franciscan in the blog world! I found you on carrots n'Cake and your blog is so cute! Um that place in Petaluma sounds amazing! As do your TJs finds! I'll be looking for both of those when I go shopping this week!

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