Homemade Crackers/Chips

Last night Robert and I soaked up the heat and decided to BBQ by the pool. I wanted to have a little snackie made for us before jumping into dinner, but we didn’t have any crackers or chips. I DID however, have whole wheat wraps that were on the verge of death, so I turned them into crackers.

Sea Salt

Set broil to high.

Slice up your wrap into any shape you like and lay on a cookie sheet. Spray the pieces with a little bit of olive oil or pam and sprinkle some salt. Stick them in the oven until crispy (mine took about 5 minutes).

Make you you watch them, they burn super fast.

I paired these with some homemade hummus that Robert made over the weekend. Recipe coming soon (we haven’t perfected it yet).


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  1. What a great idea to make homemade crackers! I always buy wraps and tortillas but they always end up going bad before I can use them all! Now I know what I'm going to do with them! (I might try making them sweet with a little cinnamon and truvia!

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