The Big Reveal

So guess who told me I could reveal their identity. The Boyfriend! He’s probably lurking on this right now. The other day he was spying reading and blurted out I don’t care if you put me on the blog. I think he was slightly jealous that Anna had some pictures of Robert. He wanted to have his face plastered all over the blog and internet too. Haha.

So here he is! Meet Darren, my boyfriend. He’s also my taste tester. Good news is I haven’t killed him yet with any disastrous recipes. He doesn’t eat the vegetables or fruits I make unless they are asparagus, peas, spinach or apples. That’s pretty much the extent of his fruits and veggies palate. He tried broccoli once and said it was all right but hasn’t touched it since.

We decided to be tourists in our own city for my bff’s birthday. Trolley car tour! 
 Our first trip to Seattle and the aquarium.
On a trip to Vegas w/ Anna and Robert. 

Some facts about him: 

  • He was born in Ireland
  • Very picky about beer, food, coffee and just about everything – I joke that he’s a snob
  • Die hard Giants fan. (YUCK!) 
  • He’s really good at Jeopardy
  • He hates Apple products but owns an iPhone
  • Sometimes he dresses like a gorilla at Coachella

He will eat what I put in front of him but definitely prefers more ‘manly’ food. He enjoys beans on toast which is apparently good bachelor chow. It’s basically a can of baked beans that he heats up and puts on top of toast. Weird, I know. I must be a good influence though because now at lunch when the ‘boys’ go out for burgers he orders salad on the side instead of fries. BAM!

What better post to introduce him in then after a night he was nice enough to pick me up my new favorite cereal. He probably wanted to get away from my craziness as I nearly wanted to cry when I saw there was no more. He also picked me up a surprise. Cue the awwws.

Pretty flowers and PB Puffins. He’s definitley a keeper. 

Since he wasn’t home for dinner last night I decided to make a dish I know he doesn’t like. I have no idea why he doesn’t like it considering it has two things he loves; pesto and chicken. He has some vendetta against cous cous. Weird!

Pesto Chicken Cous Cous

Anna introduced me to this SUPER easy and fast recipe last year. We here at Cubicle Chronicles are all about few ingredients, fast, easy, nutritious and delicious. This definitely fits the bill and gives me enough to have leftovers for lunch the next few days. SCORE!
  • 2 packets of Knorr pesto
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 box pearl sized cous cous


    1. Boil chicken till it is cooked through. Cut into smaller bite size pieces and set aside.
    2. Cook cous cous to package instructions.
    3. Cook pesto to directions (I didn’t use any oil and mine came out just fine). 
    4. Mix it all together in a pot. 
    5. Eat and enjoy! 
    BAM dinner is served. I love this recipe for days I’m feeling lazy and want something good and filling. I topped mine with a little Parmesan and steamed broccoli.

    I’m off folks. It’s gym time then I need to go check if my crock pot recipe turned out any good.But before I go I want to leave you with a parting gift I invented last night. 
    1 half of a sandwich thin + 1 tore apart marshmallow + a few chunks of dark chocolate + PB & Co white chocolate wonderful + 30 seconds in the microwave = BEST IDEA EVER!
    Get in my belly!

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    1. I want that snack on the sandwich thin in my belly! Holy yumms!

    2. Aww yay for the big reveal! What a sweet boyfriend that he brought you flowers and your fave cereal! Def a keeper 🙂 And that Pesto couscous looks amazing! I've never seen pesto packets like that? Where do you get them??

    3. Awww! This is such a cute post. He sounds awesome! Cute photos, too. The gorilla suit is hilarious. Going to look out for a gorilla next year at Coachella…lol.

      Also wondering where you got those pest packets?

    4. I found the packets at Safeway near the other seasonings (taco seasoning, etc) and gravy. I think Anna has found them at Target as well.

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