Life in Color

It’s been a busy week or so for me. I’ve been selling my soul buying a new mattress, having surprise date nights, trying spin for the first time, visiting the parentals, eating delicious food, gallivanting around SF, working and a myriad of other things. So what better way for me to share than with lots of pictures!

Dolores Park on a beautiful day in SF.
Salad from Plutos on my surprise date night planned by Darren.
Sandwich that accompanied my salad. I couldn’t finish any of this but it was so good and fresh!

2nd part of the surprise date night. Night Life at the Academy of Science. I LOVE this place!
Super cool jelly fish at The Academy of Science.

More Jelly Fish! I love how they look in pictures!
The living roof. 
Fuel after my first spin class. I survived and plan on attending regularly.
Shasta Dam. Myself and Darren went to visit my parents and went on a tour of this place.
Such a pretty weekend up there (Labor Day) but darn was it HOT HOT HOT!
Dam from down below.
Mr. Pickles run was mandatory for me and Anna last Friday. The first Friday with no summer hours. Delicious as ALWAYS. Anna can we go again soon?

SF Soup Company lunch date on Saturday with Darren. Black Bean Soup and a Spinach salad. So fresh and refreshing after a day of walking all over the place.

So that pretty much brings you up to speed with what I’ve been doing. Look for some tasty, easy recipes in the next few days. Promise you won’t be disappointed.


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