Beautiful weather with a side of bloody knee

 *warning if you don’t like blood, I’d skip this post*

This weekend was gorgeous in the Bay Area. I spent Friday night baking cookies with Darren’s mom and joined the family for The Relay for Life in Petaluma. It’s a 24 hours long so we didn’t stay the whole time but entered a few raffles and sold a ton of baked goods for the team.

Plus the team had an army team so Darren’s mom got us these sweet hats. Isn’t Darren a great model? HAHA.

Sunday we woke up to another gorgeous day back in SF. Despite my unwillingness to get out of the comfy new mattress we bought last weekend I finally did. I made up quick breakfast burritos, coffee and took a shower to get ready for the day. We decided to head to Buena Vista Park to hike up the hill with a friend.

Now you would think this sounds like a great day so far. It was until I fell and made a bloody mess of my self. It happened so fast. One minute I was talking about how it makes me sad when I see homeless people with dogs to BAM on the ground. I scraped my leg pretty bad, and the top of my foot. Good thing we were a block away from whole foods where we cleaned it up and grabbed some gauze.

I felt so ridiculous walking down the street with blood dripping down my leg. But do you want to know the first thought that crossed my mind? I was mad because 1. I’m going out of town this week and 2. the weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week and now I can’t wear a dress or skirt without looking like a banged up weirdo.

This is after a little clean up and then all bandaged up.

I pushed my self through and we continued to go to the park. Sat on a nice shaded bench, the boys had some beer and I made friends with squirrels. It’s a gorgeous view. Despite my fall I was glad I got to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather. September really is the best time in SF.

Plus it helped that I got to come home and lay in this beauty. Isn’t he perfection at his best. New bedding and all. He’s glorious and although he cost me my first born child lots of money it was well worth it.


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