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Saturday morning, bright and early, myself and Anna trekked down to Attune Foods for a breakfast happy hour with other local Bay Area bloggers. We were excited because it was our first meet up with other bloggers. Annelies planned a fantastic breakfast bar with cereal, several different ‘milk’ options and fruit. Everything looked so good I mixed and matched just about every cereal.

Annelies not only put together awesome swag bags but also arranged RD Jae Berman to come talk with the 10 of us. Jae talked with us about breakfast (which is the most of important meal of the day), and gave some tips about how to make sure our bodies were fueled properly.

Thanks to Courtney at Pancakes and Postcards for this picture. My camera died halfway through meetup.

Jae had some GREAT advice. Here are some of the highlights I thought were interesting:

  • I like that she made a point to let us know that everyone is different. What works for me may not work for anyone else.
  • On average people eat about 20 of the same foods. I never thought of it that way but I really do use the same staple items and mix them up just a bit with different seasonings, etc. 
  • Check in with your body every 3-4 hours to determine your hunger level. 
  • Always pair a carb with a protein – Apple and String Cheese, PB and Banana, etc.
  • If you don’t eat before working out, you could gain weight because the body is starving.
  • Spread your calories throughout the day and not save them up for a later meal, etc. 

After a great discussion with Jae we bid her goodbye and got prepped to head down to the ferry building. We all walked down and explored all the goodies and plentiful produce that can be found at the Ferry Building. If you are ever in SF on a Saturday I definitely suggest heading here to explore, eat and enjoy.Unfortunatley, we all seperated as we explored and we didn’t get the chance to say bye to everyone.

We had a great time meeting everyone and I look forward to the blogger meet up in a few weeks that Courtney has planned. We’re also super excited for Foodbuzz in November.

Thanks Courtney for this one too! All the fabulous bloggers!

Check out the fantastic blogs of the bloggers we met.

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Tracey – TJ’s Test Kitchen
Marlene – Nosh This Way
Danielle – Eat, Sweat, Smile
Melissa – Journey to Marvelous
Suki – Super Duper Fantastic
Marisol – A Dirty Martini Kind of Girl

I also wanted to give a shout out to all the great companies that contributed to the event in some way. With their generosity I was able to try a ton of new things and take home a few goodies for later. Special thanks to: Justin’s Nut Butter, Wallaby Yogurt, Strauss Family Creamery, and Pacific Natural Foods for making this event possible. Most of all a big round of applause for Annelies for all her hard work at organizing this.


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  1. Great recap! It was nice meeting you both.

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