Baseball Picnic

So since I decided to be a slacker and take a vacation I never posted a little recap of our company summer picnic. Myself and Anna joined a few hundred people from our company to die slowly enjoy a Giants baseball game. Being the A’s fan I am I wasn’t thrilled to be stepping foot again in the stinking Giants stadium. It’s bad enough Darren drags me but now work has to too? Sheesh.

I sucked it up and realized it meant practically a whole day off work paid! Now that’s a sweet deal. I had to check some e-mail and stuff before I headed to the stadium but that’s all. Sweet deal I guess. Since the festivities started on the earlier side because it was a day game  what better way to start than with a delicious Skinny margarita in a Giants cup. Anna forced me to use this cup against my will.  I had to work with what I had. We all have to make sacrifices to drink a margarita at 11am folks.

We finished  those bad boys before we made our way to the stadium for some lunch and maybe another adult beverage or two. We consumed some hot dogs, salad and one or more of these before heading to our seats.

Cheers from our seats. Our attention span wasn’t at it’s best today so we left during the 3rd or 4th inning to venture back to Anna’s where we tortured played with her cat Kenya and had a mimosa. Sadness overtook me as Kenya sniffed my mimosa and I couldn’t force myself to drink anymore.

Molly being the smart co-worker she is said we needed coffee. Yes it was like 3pm… Philz Coffee to the rescue. It was delicious and hit the spot before my trek back to muni to head home. I said my goodbyes to Anna before me and Molly ventured back down third for some girl talk time.

While we may look like we had one too many adult beverages I’ll have you know I went to the gym right when I got home and hopefully worked off one or five two of them. We had a great time and can’t complain because it was paid fun! Woo hoo to paid fun!


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