Two days by the sea

 ** Warning this will be long and have quite a few pictures**

I took a few days off at the end of last week one because I was in desperate need of a vacation and two because it was mine and Darren’s anniversary. We’re planning a bigger trip later this year or early next year so we decided a short trip somewhere close would suffice. Any chance to get away for a few days is a OK by me. We headed down the coast to Monterey/Carmel area for 2 days. It was definitely a relaxing and fun few days. We both love the ocean, aquariums, good food and fun so we were both happy campers.

We drove down after work on Wednesday and literally did nothing but head to our hotel and pass out. We had to get our beauty sleep before we got up bright and early the next day. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but we can’t sleep in past like 7:30am no matter what day it is. It’s frustrating sometimes because we feel like senior citizens being exhausted by like 9:30-10pm. Can we at least get senior citizen discounts? Sheesh.

We headed to breakfast at a breakfast staple in the area, First Awakenings. Thanks to Anna for the recommendation. Apparently pancakes are what they are known for so of course I had to try it. I had a wheat germ pancake, scrambled eggs and some sausage. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sausage and the eggs tasted a little funny but the pancake was delicious! I didn’t even need syrup on it, because it tasted so good all by itself (even though I did put a little on).

After. Yum

Coincedentially our breakfast spot was right across from our destination for the day. The Monterey Bay Aquarium. We both hadn’t been in a very long time, I practically forgot what it looked like. We were both excited and a little early so we walked down Canary Row a little where very few shops were open. Before you know it was 10am and time to go in.

I’m so glad we went early and got will call tickets because we  beat the crowds in line and the crowds inside. We got to see everything. Darren was excited and stood in front of the Octopus display for several minutes. He loves them! We got to see the Great White Shark they got 3 weeks ago. He was so tiny, only 4ft long. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is the only place that has been able to keep a Great White in captivity longer than 18 days. (I think they’ve done it 6 times they said).

I love aquariums but around 12:30 to 1pm it started to get crazy busy in there so we high tailed it out of there and went down to the wharf. We tried a few free samples of the clam chowder. Never believe them when they say they won some contest. One place said they won best chowder in California this past year. It was the worst tasting one of the bunch!

We opted for lunch at another restaurant on the wharf which I don’t remember the name of. Neither of us got clam chowder. Oops. I had a salmon burger because I had never tried one and we got a free appetizer of calamari (which was GROSS and had no flavor). The salmon burger was decent and the BF’s fish and chips were all right as well. Not the best food ever but hit my seafood craving spot.

The rest of the day we ventured walking around the area, had some fro yo and headed back to our hotel room. We were pooped and over eating out so much so we headed to my favorite place (Whole Foods). I had a salad and some soup and Darren opted for a sandwich. Much better than rich, bad for us food we would have surely had elsewhere. We relaxed in our room and enjoyed our finds. We may or may not have split a piece of cake as well. Oops. No pictures, sorry!

The next day after checking out of our hotel we grabbed breakfast at another place Anna recommended, Trailside Cafe. This place was delicious and had so many good options and I was boring and went with eggs, potatoes, and sausage. I had food envy the entire time sitting in the restaurant. Everyones food looked so delicious! Mine was good as well. The home made blueberry jam was delicious! Everything was so fresh and non-greasy diner tasting. Sorry no pictures again!

Before heading home we did the 17 mile drive which was great minus the fog obstructing many of our views. We had a great time and were pooped when we got home. We unpacked, had dinner and relaxed since I had an The Fit Bloggin Local Meetup in the am.

I love vacation and need to take more of them. I wish I could vacation more than I work. Wouldn’t that be the life?


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