Fall Slacker

It’s been a boring few days for me. I haven’t cooked anything note worthy, so no recipes for you. The weather is blah. I love the rain except for when I have to go out in it. Oh and did I mention it makes my commute hell.

But I’m trying to look at the positive. Fall is my FAVORITE season and I’m so excited to bust out my sweaters, boots, and scarfs again. In all honesty I’m excited to buy a few new fall pieces in the coming weeks. If last year is any indication (5 pairs of boots in like a month), then my bank account may pack up and leave town so I can’t touch it. Oops.

I have been on a cereal or yogurt kick for breakfast the past few weeks and today welcomed back and oldie yet goodie due to the rainy morning. Oats in a jar! Yummy in my tummy. I love PB and the little hidden surprises make my morning. Don’t tell Darren but I ate this in our new bed while watching the news this morning. Sssh!

Did I mention fall also brings back pumpkin recipes in pretty much EVERYTHING? I have already bought up half the world supply a few cans of it to add to various things and get crafty in the kitchen. Only downside is that boy I live with has a grudge against pumpkin and won’t eat anything that contains it. What is a girl to do with a loaf of pumpkin bread, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin donuts and more? While of course she’ll have to suck it up and eat it all at once slowly and maybe share with co-workers. Sharing is caring folks.

I found a new workout that whipped me right back into shape after a week of no working out due to my little injury. I got it at Fit Sugar and will attest it made me sweat it up.

I promise I’ll make something edible in the next few days for your viewing pleasure. Don’t hate me because I’m a slacker. I can’t really help it; I was born this way. Blame my parentals, because they gave me these genes.

Enjoy your hump day!


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  1. Fall is my favorite season too. Mostly because it's my birthday month now, but also because the air just seems so much more crisp this time of year. After our Indian summers, of course. 🙂

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