Dinner Disaster

Yesterday I was going to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot and realized I didn’t have everything I needed in the AM. So I stuck that bad boy in the fridge for tonight’s dinner. That should have been my first sign of cooking disasters to come.

I decided to attempt a variation of this Naked Ravioli with marinara sauce. I made a huge mess while following the directions. My raviolis were ready to drop in the boiling water and at that point I was patting myself on the back for a new and easy recipe. Man was I wrong.

I turned around to throw together a quick salad to go with it and let them cook. I turned back around to check on them and my mouth dropped open. My once nice and clean boiling water was now filled with tons of mush of what use to be raviolis. They fell all apart and I was left with sopping wet remnants of spinach, ricotta and Parmesan. I didn’t snap a picture because I was too embarrassed.

Trying to salvage dinner and the remainder of the ‘ravioli’s I hadn’t dropped in the water I warmed up a skillet and pan ‘fried’ them. They tasted meh. They didn’t have much flavor besides the marinara I doused them in. I couldn’t even get Darren to touch them. He opted for TJ’s chicken nuggets instead. I don’t think I’ll be attempting these again for a while. You win some and you lose some. I definitely lost last night.

But this morning was positive. I woke up for a 5am workout at the gym. I haven’t been in the morning in over a month because I’ve been trying to go to classes, etc after work. I have to say I miss my morning workouts SO much! It’s not crowded at all. I mean it’s literally the same 10 or so people that have been going the entire 2 years I’ve been a member. I can have the run of the place with little interferance or having to wait for anything.

But my number one reason for loving AM workouts is….it’s done and over before I even start my day. It’s nice to not have to workout after work when my brain is shot most days. I can go home, relax, maybe have a glass of wine and do anything my heart desires. It’s a sweet deal and I think I need to pick the habit back up. If only my new bed wasn’t so darn comfy and warm!

I stumbled across this article for Mens Health and saw a few interesting points from Dr. Oz. It’s basically a list of 25 healthy tips to live by. I know I’m not of the male gender but a few of these I think could definitely be applied (and should be) to us lovely ladies. Here are my list of tips, taken from Dr. Oz’s, list.  
Laugh more. I can’t emphasis how much I agree with this. Laughter is the cure to just about anything, I think. It is 100% free, relieves stress and burns calories! I think everyone could use a little more laughter in their life.
Don’t skip breakfast! I never use to eat breakfast for many, many years. Now I NEVER skip breakfast and it has done wonders to help me stay full and satisfied all day. I generally have one or more of the following each and every morning; oatmeal, cereal bowl, eggs (hard boiled, scrambled, etc.), fruit, toast with PB and banana on it and so many others. Eating breakfast helps me be more productive, curbs mindless snacking, helps me stay full longer, and overall just makes me feel 100% throughout the day.  

Taste the rainbow. Don’t eat the skittles but instead try eating a variety of colorful fruits and veggies provides you with a wide range of nutrients. As an added bonus your plates will be pretty and colorful. I’m all for pretty plates full of delicious good for you food. 


Floss. From someone with not so fortunate genes I tend to get cavities no matter how well I take care of my teeth. I’m prone to them, especially in between my teeth. The dentist said it’s something to do with my saliva or something. Who knows. All I know is that flossing regularly has helped keep the number of cavities (and my dental costs) down over the years. I’d like to have my chompers well into my old age.

Eat nuts. I’m a nut girl. I love all the varieties. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, and many more. They are Rich in omega-3s, antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Walnuts and almonds can help you slim down by making you feel satiated longer. You have to be careful not to over do it because nuts are high in fat and calories but they are definitely a must have in my house. 

Lift weights. Lifting weights I think was one of the best decisions I made on my road to health. It has helped me slim down, tone up and feel stronger than ever. Lifting weights is not just for guys, I promise ladies. When you start incorporating weight lifting into your workout routine I would bet you’ll start to see results almost immediately in some way.

There were quite a few more I thought could pertain to women but these were definitely the ones I felt most passionate about.  I’m off to lick my wounds after my disasterous dinner last night and hopefully can recapture my cooking skills tonight with my crockpot chicken. Cross your fingers for me.

On a side note be prepared for many pumpkin recipes in the coming days. I may have went a little crazy this weekend. 4 pumpkin recipes in less than a week. It must be a new record. Do I get a medal?


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