Pumpkin Patch Crepe Madness

It’s officially fall, my favorite season. Unfortunately, the San Francisco weather didn’t get that memo. I can’t bust out the scarves and boots quite yet when I’m sweating up a storm in a dress this past Sunday. RUDE!

The other night Darren planned to take me to dinner and the Pumpkin Patch the only day it was even remotely fall weather like. We had a lot of fun, even though we were the oldest people there without a child in tow. We should all be well aware of my pumpkin obsession, this was like my mecca. Good thing these weren’t ready to be bitten into or the owner could have had a disaster on their hand.

At least we weren’t like this pair at the Pumpkin Patch. Am I the only one creeped out by these two? If there is a creepier couple out there, please let me know because I don’t think it’s possible.

 Your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are turkeys (aka thanksgiving dinner as Darren pointed out) and bunnies. 

We picked out 1 big pumpkin and two little ones. We have yet to carve the big one because myself and my roommates last year had a traumatic experience carving our pumpkins a week before Halloween. One practically liquified on the floor, another began to cave in on itself and the last was completely full of white fuzzy mold.

Our new pumpkin. Isn’t it pretty?

I’m playing it safe this year kids. No liquified or moldy pumpkin up in this house. Plus the clean up with carpet would be WAY more difficult than the hardwood floor at my old place. And honestly I’m not up to that challenge. If you want to volunteer your cleaning services, I’ll gladly carve it tonight.

After the pumpkin picking we tried a new place for dinner. It’s in the Inner Sunset (in SF) and called The Crepevine. I’ve never really had a crepe unless you count a few bites of a friends nutella and banana one a few years ago. Even though they had other things on the menu I decided to try something new. I got a Crepe with chicken, pesto, mushrooms, feta and mozzarella. I omitted the onions and tomatoes because that’s how I roll. Me and onions are enemies.

I had order envy. Darren got an omelet that looked DELISH! My crepe was meh. I wasn’t a fan of the crepe texture mixed with pesto and chicken. The dressing on the salad was sick nasty so I opted to munching on the potatoes and possibly stealing borrowing a few bites from Darren’s plate.

It was all better after an ice cream cone from Tart to Tart. This boy knows the way to my heart. Chocolate and ice cream/fro yo. Sorry no pictures I was too busy inhaling eating it.

My apologies for the iPhone pictures. I am having a slight problem. I can’t locate my camera charger. I swear if my head wasn’t attached I might lose it too. Anyone want to come help me find it. I might have a pumpkin treat waiting for you!

On a side note. Trader Joe’s is torturing me again. Pumpkin goodness everywhere. I can’t resist!


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