Cold Weather Morning Motivation and a Giveaway

Is it just me or is anyone else dealing with the cold weather blues and lack of motivation? It hit me like a ton of bricks the past few weeks. As the weather changed my motivation dropped to dismal. I like to workout in the morning because 1) it’s out of the way for the day, 2) I have more energy throughout the day and 3) there is no one in my way at the gym or too many cars trying to hit me on SF streets.

It’s SO hard to get out of my nice warm and comfy bed when I stick an arm out from under the cover and it feels like the arctic tundra. It gets cold in SF I swear! Or maybe I’m just a wimp. I’ve found myself a bunch handful of times hit the alarm clock off and roll back over saying I’ll do it later.  Do I do it later you ask? Sometimes.

I’m sure many people have been in this position. How do you do it? Here are a few things I do to prepare myself and motivate myself to get up early and workout even though my warm, cozy bed is practically bribing me to climb back in.


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I get everything I need ready the previous night. If I’m going to the gym I lay out my workout clothes, and pack a bag of stuff to get ready for work at the gym. I also pack my lunch and set anything I’ll need right near the door. This really helps me because it allows me to sleep in till the last possible moment and run out the door without forgetting anything. It also makes me more accountable because I used time from the night before to prep and I don’t like wasting time.

I set my alarm at the exact time I have to get up in order to complete my workout and get ready for work, etc. Not leaving any ‘cushion’ time doesn’t allow for me to lay in bed and talk myself out of it. I either get up and do it or I’ll have to reschedule for later in the day or not at all.

I give myself a pep talk at 4:30 (or 5:30am depending on what I’m doing). Not out loud because I’m sure the boyfriend would not appreciate that in the early AM. I tell myself just get up and see how you feel in 5 minutes of getting ready. Then I tell myself drive to the gym (or go outside for a run) and see how I feel. Then I say try it for 5-10 minutes and if I’m still hating it I can stop. I try to break it down into simple, achievable steps so it doesn’t seem too daunting at 5 AM.

Once I’m at the gym or down stairs outside I often force myself to suck it up and do it. If I made it through all the other steps then this part should be easy. In all honesty sometimes it sucks, the workout doesn’t get better and I literally have to force myself through it. Other times once I start I get into it and its great. Either way when it’s done and I’ve got my coffee in hand and am heading to work I feel better about it.


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Its tough sometimes, there is no way of denying it. But one thing I 100% agree with is I never regret doing a workout but I always regret when I don’t. For me those extra few minutes of sleep may seem nice at the time but they come back to bite me later. I don’t know about you but it’s really hard for me to go after work sometimes. I’m exhausted and engaging in a workout is never as inviting as going home and lounging around in my sweatpants.



Through the Foodbuzz Tastemaster Program I got a ton of coupon love from Duncan Hines this past week. They sent me a bunch of free coupons for Duncan Hines product. I think it’s perfect timing for the holidays. I’m in charge of bringing dessert so this was a great thing to find in my mail box.

I thought I’d share with some of the readers here at Cubicle Chronicles. Here are the details.

  • 2 winners will get 2 Duncan Hines coupons (they are for free products) – plus we might throw in a few extra goodies we have lying around
  • Enter to win by leaving a comment telling us what your favorite holiday treat is.
  • Extra entry…..tweet this giveaway, post it on Facebook or include it on your blog and leave a separate comment telling us that you did!
  • Sorry this is for United States residents only. – We’ll do international giveaways in the future.

We will choose the winner on 11/18 (Friday) so we can get these to the winners in time to get them before the holidays. Everyone needs a little baked goods in their life on around Thanksgiving!


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  1. My favorite holiday treat is home baked cookies and bars! My mom makes these “magic bars”….graham cracker crust with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips, coconut and butterscotch chips…they’re delicious!!

  2. My favorite holiday treat involved Starbucks holiday line. I’m a sucker for their pumpkin spice & eggnog lattes.

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