Strange Tradition

If you saw the table settings from this post then you have seen the strange looking center pieces on our Thanksgiving table.

I am not sure where this tradition originated from, but every year since I can remember we have done this.

My niece Haley doing her thang. My mom had the grandkids for the day and decided to have them make a few smaller pumpkins this year.

Here is what you need:

-A medium to large pumpkin

-Lots of toothpicks

-Lots of candy: traditionally we used large marshmallows, large dates, and gumdrops. Lets just say over the years our taste buds have changed 😉

Stick a toothpick in the pumpkin, top it with a piece of candy. Keep doing this until your pumpkin is full of candy.

This is a fun activity for kids and a nice treat after dinner!

Candy I like using? Peachy-o’s, sour gummy worms, apple-o’s, small marshmallows, sour patch kids, and Swedish fish.



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