Holiday Wish List

If anyone has been hiding under a rock and didn’t know – the holiday season is literally on top of us. Good thing I was productive this year and finished all my Christmas shopping with a week or so to spare. In previous years, I’ve been one of THOSE people running around frantically on the eve of Christmas with an entire list still. It’s not pretty at all. I actually like being done early and can focus on better things like all the desserts and treats I need to make for Christmas.

On actual Christmas I’ll be celebrating with Darren’s family in Petaluma. It will be a little weird not spending it with my family but I get to have a belated celebration with them the following week. My brother is in the Navy and that’s the time he could get off. So I get two celebrations, be jealous!

Here is what was on my wish list this year. Cross your fingers for me and hope that Santa delivers them all to me.

Garmin 405

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This is #1 on my list because one of my goals for the year is to have better, more effective workouts and being able to identify my heart rate, etc. would make that a much more measurable thing. I dropped MANY hints to my parents. Hopefully they heard me, and saw the e-mails I sent. I’m not obvious or anything…




I really want a bike because I haven’t had one in so long. I have really been liking getting out of the gym for my runs and walks and would love to add biking to that. I detest sitting on the cardio machines at the gym for anything over 20 minutes. I get insanely bored and lose motivation. I can recite by memory the rules sign in the gym because for my treadmill workouts that’s all I can stare at as I think “is this torture over yet?”. I know I already got this since it’s sitting in our dinning room. Darren isn’t sneaky and didn’t even try to hide it. Instead I got to pick it out. It’s purple and pretty. Picture to come soon.

Curling Wand



I have naturally thick and curly hair. I straighten it a lot and its hard to get it to curl the way I want. A few of my friends have used this and swear by it. I really want to give it a try but it’s not something I would buy for myself. I’ve bought myself a curling iron and hot rollers in the past and been sadly disappointed.

Weight Set



I don’t have any free weights at home and would love some. Sometimes getting my butt to the gym is a feat in its own. It would be nice to have a set where I can do some working out in my living room opposed to the extra steps of walking to my car, driving to the gym, and all that mess. I can look a mess and get my workout on in the comfort of my apartment.

Harry Potter boxed sets (movies and books)



I’ve never owned any of the books and always borrowed them. I joined the bandwagon late (last year) and fell in love with these and read the entire series in like a little under 2 weeks. I’ve seen all the movies and would LOVE to add both boxed sets to my collection so I can watch/read them over and over again. I’m still in denial its over. I like having everything in a nice box and did the same with my Twilight books and am waiting to do the same with the movies. Yes I like these books and I won’t deny it.

These are my top things. I have numerous DVDs, books, and the like on my wish list too. But more importantly I get to spend time with family and friends. Gifts are fun but not the most important thing. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and enjoys not only the gifts but the time they get to spend with their loved ones!


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