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Walnut Creek 5K

As a part of my half marathon training I decided to sign up for a few races to keep me motivated and on track with my training. This past Saturday I participated in the Walnut Creek 5K (there was also the half and 10K).

The night before the race I got my stuff organized since it was going to be an early morning for us. It’s about a 30 minute drive from SF, so we had to be up around 6AM.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way to grab something warm.

I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be. When we left SF at 6:45 it was 50 degrees outside. It was 32 degrees in WC. I am so happy I brought my North Face fleece. Originally, I was going to wear it up until the race started, but I couldn’t get warm so I ran the whole race wearing it.

My awesome husband who stood out in the 32 degree weather for an hour supporting me. Poor guy, lucky me 🙂 He ended up surprising me at the finish line. Talk about motivation. I sprinted past a few people in the last leg (and I thank Robert for that!)

I ended up finishing in 29:40 with a 9:33 pace. I finished 80/401 overall and 36/270 for the women. For my half marathon training plan they have me training at an 11 min pace, so I am happy with the results.

After the race we went to our favorite little breakfast place called Sunrise Bistro to get some hot tea/coffee and food. I didn’t take any photos, but I got a pot of tea, two poached eggs with tomatoes and toast and Robert got coffee and a breakfast burrito. Yum!

Did anyone else have a race this weekend? How did it go?

Decorating, Tree, and Shopping

I am happy to say that I finished early this year. Decor was up before Thanksgiving, tree was up two days after Thanksgiving, and shopping was completed yesterday. Except for my parents, but hopefully we will have something nice for them this week.

I don’t do a ton of decorating for the holidays, but this year I decided to add a few little things to spruce the place up. First up, the centerpieces.

Candles on the dining room table and ornaments in a vase on the coffee table. See? Not too Christmassey.

I went shopping at Target with my sisters and picked up some stocking holders. Love them! His and hers.

I won this guy at a work party a few years ago so I thought I would let him out of the box.

Onto the tree…

This is our third year going to Delancey’s tree lot on Embarcadero and every year we have been happy with our trees. So the Sunday after T-day we went down and chose this years..

Packed her on the car and went home to decorate!

One of our many ornaments. Roberts parents were smart enough to buy him a new ornament every year as a kid and keep it in its original packing until he got married (but we started using them when we moved in together), so we have been lucky to have nice ornaments since day one. This ornament was the year we got married.

Mission accomplished. And I don’t only mean the tree. This is probably the first year presents have been purchased, wrapped, and under the tree this early.

Shopping. I loathe shopping. Robert and I shopped downtown last weekend and got a couple people out of the way, but decided to head back to our old stomping grounds in Walnut Creek to finish it off.

First, we ran into this guy

This is Jake and he needs a home. He was collecting dolla dolla bills in his collar. What a baller.

Such a hunk.

We finished off our successful trip with an accidental Christmas card photo. Score!

Poor Robert wearing his sunnies. Sorry, no re-do’s!


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